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Get a Grip

Endura launches its long-awaited MTB shoe range

Stick or Twist?

Sticky situations. Not usually something high on the wish list and not usually something you want to find yourself in, with just one exception that is. When it comes to MTB shoes, a sticky situation is precisely what you’re after, it’s what you dream of, it’s the goal, the very aim of the game.

A non-sticky situation is at best a pedal slip, at worst it’s painfully gouging a chunk of flesh out of your calf or losing a race. Not good, not what you wanted at all.

Step forward, pun intended, the all-new Endura MTB Footwear Collection. Crammed to the gills with technology and innovation to make your pedal stroke smoother, stiffer and more comfortable, with better power transfer and crucially a super durable sole made of glue... Okay, it’s not made of glue, but it’s as sticky as hell… which is precisely why we named it StickyFoot™.

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Kriss Kyle on Hummvee Flat Pedal Shoes

“You need something that’s grippy. The dream for me is a shoe that you can ride your mountain bike with and you can also ride your BMX with and walk in the streets in it as well. So pretty much one shoe that caters for everything, and since testing these ones, I couldn’t be more stoked. Fit and comfort-wise they are spot on. Whenever I do the tail up, spinning the bike round, I’d always end up with bruised feet, bruised heels, and these shoes are just that bit tougher wearing.”

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The Athertons on MT500 Flat Pedal Shoes

“I find, with flats, the sole is so important. Coming from BMX, where you’re so in touch with the pedal, you’re kinda used to really feeling the pedal, the rubber and the contact with the pedal is so important. Everyone has done it, gone out riding and forgotten their shoes and had to ride in something else, and for me it always feels so clumsy, like the sole is too thick or too stiff, and you just totally lose that contact with the pedal.” (Dan Atherton)

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MT500 Collection
MT500 Collection


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